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Fresh Vegetables

Blumenberry Farms premium organic vegetables


The king of dark green leafies. Very popular, super tasty.

Red Chard

Dual-action, red and green, looks and flavor. Nutritious and delicious!

Lacinato Kale

Also known as Toscano or dinosaur kale. Very popular green.

Green Onions

A must-have for any fresh kitchen.


Seasonal variety of green or purple kale.


Classic southern favorite, pairs well with turnips.


Dark and shiny, lightly steamed.


Tender shoots of the classic vegetable in a bunch.

Romaine Lettuce

Sweet, crunchy and juicy. Everyone's favorite for good reason!

Rainbow Beets

Make a wish, it's in your dish, an eating rainbow.

Rainbow Carrots

Wow! Red, yellow, purple, and orange.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Mixed varieties of our beautiful heirlooms.

Slicer Cucumber

Crisp and cool slicer cuke. Can't go wrong.


A kitchen staple. Superfresh and vibrant!

Easter Egg Radish

Classic multi-colored radish bunches.

Mixed Heirloom Eggplant

An alluring variety of mixed minis.


Crispy, aromatic anise-flavored fennel.


The one and only, slightly nutty, slightly peppery arugula. Add flavor depth to raw salads or steam lightly.

Black Radish

Mildly spicy and distinctly colored Nero Tondo black radish. Chefs love it. Make it raw, in soups, or roasted.

Burgundy Okra

Beautiful deep red with excellent texture.


Specialty Asian green. Delicious and tender. Steam, stir-fry or get creative.

Hakurei Turnips

Sweet white turnips with amazing flavor and texture. Incredible raw eating!

Daikon Radish

Multi-use, popular Japanese radish, especially for kimchi.

Napa Cabbage

Thick and heavy, the quintessential kimchi ingredient.

Baby Pac Choi

Tender asian green, delicate flavor.

Pac Choi

Big juicy ribs and greens. Chop it up.

Watermelon Radish

Green skin, pink flesh. Exotic and delightful!

Lettuce - Farmer's Choice 3-pack

Popular catch-all variety of boutique lettuces.


Slice and roast, cube and stew, those who like eggplant know what to do.

Purple Top Turnips

Classic turnip for stewing, roasting or mashing.

Scarlett Ohno Turnips

Red specialty turnips unlikely to find in the store.


Our favorite "german turnips". Radish meets broccoli. Crispy and refreshing.

Sugar Snap Peas

Sweet and snappy, a very popular item.

Tokyo Bekana

The intrepid Space Cabbage, packed with flavor and nutrition, grown by NASA in the space station. Fabulous asian...

Purplette Onions

Add purple to green and you get compliments.


Roasted, steamed, raw, soup, whatever. A truly diverse and magnificent superfood.

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