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About Us

         Blumenberry Farms is synonymous with premium organic produce.  Having been in production since 1995, we are dedicated to serving superior-quality freshness and flavor to local families, foodies, restaurants, and retailers. Cheap inflated fruit is sprayed with toxic chemicals and tastes like nothing; imported, flavor-free vegetables are limp and lifeless. Our produce is vibrant and aromatic, colorful and classy! Old food is old news.  Get fresh to get fit.  Viva inspired cuisine! Lady Bug.JPG
organic logo.png As one of the original farms in the Sarasota-Manatee food shed, we follow National Organic Standards and have been QCS Certified Organic for 25 years.   
We believe in Organic Farming for many reasons:
carrot.png Using natural fertilizers, produced from manures, plants, and minerals.
carrot.pngPlants grown in natural conditions create flavor, health and nutrition.
carrot.png Treating our animals well by providing high quality feed, water, and open spaces.
carrot.png Responsible use of resources. 
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  Farmer Mitch Blumenthal has been involved in both organic production and organic wholesale distribution since 1994. You can read more about his story HERE, at the Sarasota Herald Tribune’s website.
  Mitch is committed to small-farm organic growing. During his time with Global Organic Specialty Source, Mitch actively pursued and developed relationships with other small, local, organic farmers, to further the growth of an industry and promote his values.
  Through his ownership of a small organic farm, as well as purposefully working with small, local farmers during his time with Global Organics and Noah’s Organic Garden, Mitch has shown his lifelong support of the community at large, the local organic farming community, healthy organic food and stewardship of our environment. You can read about Mitch’s efforts to bring high-quality, local, organic eggs to the community HERE, in Edible Sarasota Magazine.
  Mitch is a committed philanthropist , father, and community member, currently co-chairing the board of the Community Day School, in Sarasota.
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