Premium Organic Produce for Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch. '23-'24 CSA Signups are OPEN!
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How to Signup for the CSA?

(Community Supported Agriculture)

Create an Account at the tie-dye menu, top right. Next, select a CSA Subscription from the menu on the left, add the subscription to your shopping cart and checkout.  Credit is applied to your account which you'll use to build your weekly or bi-weekly box. Depending on which CSA plan you select, you receive bonus credits and surprise membership perks throughout the season!  If you eat a lot of vegetables or feed a big family, full-season weekly is your best option.  Otherwise, try the half-season biweekly option.  If you're interested in sampling the CSA model first, go for the single-month subscription.  By purchasing a subscription, you agree and understand that non-refundable credits must be used by the end of the grow season.   

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 What do I get with a CSA Subscription?

carrot.png Weekly delivery of superfresh premium organic produce to a pick-up location near you

carrot.png Customizable option to choose what you want

carrot.png A weekly newsletter, surprise membership perks and hard-to-find specialty/heirloom varieties

carrot.png Reduced dependence on corporate vegetable supplies

How does the CUSTOMIZED CSA Box work?

Membership funds go directly into farm operations as seed money at the beginning of the season. Once you've purchased a subscription, your member account is credited. Every week of the CSA season, we send a newsletter with updates and promos. Hit the website from Friday to Sunday to shop. "Customized Veggie Box" option is an automatic $40 deduction for easy weekly budgeting over 11 or 22 weeks.  Shopping the site "a la carte" via the "All Products" menu allows you to buy as much or as little as you want. You can also choose the "Famous Farmer's Choice" box for an automatic $40 deduction and let the grower select the premium items for you. Deliveries and pickups happen every Wednesday at your location of choice, with a delivery option for Saturday, as well. NOTICE: Credits are non-refundable and should be used by the end of the CSA season. 

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Pickup Locations: December 14th - May 17th

Wednesday delivery for all locations, except Saturday for Indigenous Restaurant

Blumenberry Farm - 12 pm-2 pm

Community Day School - 8 am- 10 am

New Balance Parking Lot Stickney Point - 9 am - 11am

Truist Bank Parking lot on University Parkway - 3:30 pm- 4 pm

LA Fitness Parking Lot on SR 70 - 4:30 pm -5 pm

Indigenous Restaurant Downtown (Saturdays) - 9:00 am -11 am

Check out our Delivery Options page for more details!



Frequently Asked Questions for our CSA

Q: What is "CSA"?
A: CSA stands for "Community-Supported Agriculture." It's a partnership between farm and community. CSA members contribute funds at the beginning of the grow season, which the farm uses for operating costs. In return, the farm harvests “the cream of the crop” for members and delivers it each week to a pick-up location near you. The CSA program creates a direct investment connection between farmers, families and foodies.
Q: When is the CSA Season?
A: The '23-'24 CSA Season target is mid-November through mid-May.
Q: What is the cost to join the CSA?
A:  Full Season Subscription= 22 Weeks of Boxes @ $800 (plus $80 credit bonus!)
Half-season/Biweekly Subscription = 11 Weeks of boxes @ $400 (plus $40 credit bonus!)
Month Subscription = 4 Weeks of Boxes @ $179

Bundle Boxes can also be purchased without a CSA membership

Q: When and where do I pick up my box?
A: Wednesday or Saturday at your pickup location selection, options above. 
Q: What if I need to change my pickup location?
A: Pickup location selection is a variable option.  Choose what works for you. If a change arises post-order/pre-delivery, notify the farm manager:
Q: What if I would rather have a pre-selected veggie box?
A:  Famous Farmer's Choice box. You have chosen wisely.
Q: When is the window for placing orders?
A:  Order window for CSA boxes is Friday morning to midnight Sunday.  We send a weekly reminder  newsletter every Thursday at 615pm (check your spam folder too).
Q: How does the half-season or bi-weekly share work?
A:  This subscription option gives you enough credit to purchase approximately 11 weeks of $40 boxes with a a bonus credit included. Order bi-weekly for the whole season.
Q: What if I run out of account credit before the season ends?
A:  You can buy a monthly CSA Subscription, purchase items a-la-carte or reload credits. 
Q: Are there limits to how many of a single item I can get?
A: Yes, we may set limits on limited-quantity items. 
Q: Can I Order a Bundle Box if I am not a CSA Member?
A: Por su puesto. Bundle boxes can be purchased in our online shop. However, CSA membership  includes a fat credit bonus plus surprise perks along the way!
Q: What happens if I miss ordering for a week?
A: All orders must be placed weekly by the Order Deadline--midnight Sunday--so we have time to harvest, process and pack them for Wednesday.  If you miss ordering for the week, the credit will stay in your account and you can use it later. Contact below for special arrangements.
NOTICE: CSA subscription credit is non-refundable and should be used entirely by the end of the season.
Q: Can I add more items on top of my box selections?
A: Yes you can. Shop the site "a la carte".


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